Aftertaste Premium Dining


When it comes to premium dining in second life that actually seems more like a real life experience rather than a virtual culinary delight, there really is only one choice for me ” Aftertaste Premium Dining Restaurant “.I have never ever reviewed a restaurant before in second life but after several visits to aftertaste with January, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the whole virtual dining experience.

Owned and operated by Ron, and Savannah Kira Aftertaste really raises the bar on what premium dining in second life is really all about. Harking back to 2015 I remember my first experience of the aftertaste restaurant, and at the time I remember thinking. Am I in a dream or is this real, it was difficult to differentiate between second life and real life. I had been transported to a world of more than just premium dining.


Ron and Savannah Kira are two of the loveliest people I have ever met in second life. They are so dedicated to what they do and have such a great sense of humour, they really make you feel like you’re one of their family. This is something I had never experienced before dining in any second life restaurant, no sooner had we been ushered to our table we were presented with our menu’s and we were given plenty of time to peruse the various choices available.


After you’ve had your breakfast lunch or dinner you’re welcomed to take a walk along a long winding path, or if you prefer you can take a horse and carriage on a tour of the surrounding area taking in the beautiful sights of the ocean and the misty mountains that hug the mouth of the bay.  A night time wind light is highly recommended for the most romantic experience at aftertaste restaurant there is a special fireworks display and even a path that leads down to a romantic little outdoor open dance floor.

Bookings are a breeze, and can be made via filling out a notecard just inside the entrance by the register, between the hours of 5pm SLT and 8pm SLT 250L per person. Included in your premium dining experience package is a 4-course meal which includes appetizers, entrees drinks, and a delicious dessert to top it all off.

Snapshot _ - AfterTaste Premium Dining -, Glennwood (79, 199, 3

Lastly, I’d like to thank Ron and Savannah Kira for making mine and January’s premium dining experience a very special treat. It is something we always look forward to when we don’t feel like staying in and cooking, and we look forward to seeing you again for another fun filled night sharing a few laughs and enjoying a very tasty meal until then au revoir.! x

Location: Aftertaste Premium Dining Restaurant

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