Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues

I came to the realization yesterday that summer doesn’t last forever, and neither will this lovely warm weather. Even though I had been sick lately and unable to really go anywhere except for the doctors and back again. I decided it was time, that I ventured out to the park across the street before summer was completely gone. It’s amazing just how much a park can change from the cooler months right into the warmer months when everything is teaming with life. I saw so many butterflies I tried to count them all, but there were just too many it was magical.

After maybe ten or so minutes of sitting on a park bench under a tree watching the butterflies play. I was approached by an elderly man wearing a rather well-worn bowler hat and coat. He didn’t say anything at first it was I who actually initiated the conversation, and the most interesting line I could come up with to say to him was actually in the form of a question. I turned to him and asked ” Aren’t you too hot in that big heavy coat love? ” to which he just replied with a single word ” No “

The conversation eventually started rolling, and he asked what was wrong with me because obviously he could see I had been sick. I told him all about my illness, and he explained how he had lost his wife to the same illness. I almost snapped at him and said ” Gee thanks for the reassurance ” but no I held my tongue and continued to listen to his story. He had told me about how he had been a soldier in world war two, and how this very experience coupled with losing his wife had really changed his views on life and given him a whole new appreciation on the values of life and never taking things for granted.

After the old man had got up and left I sat there in the park eating my egg and lettuce sandwich. You know his story really inspired me to write this blog, and he really made me think about my own life. I have had so much sadness in my life that up until now I never really looked at any of the positives, and it was this old man who taught me a valuable lesson. I am still young you see, and I suppose it is easy to will yourself to die when you are ill, but quite honestly I think from now on I should stop having a moan about my situation and focus on getting well again.

I don’t think any one of us really appreciate life for what it is, and with the way the world is today it’s easy to lose sight of the smallest details that are often the most important to focus on. What that man taught me was that life is far too precious to want to give it up we should be living it no matter how bad our situation is or how sick we may be. I suppose as far as my life goes it could be a lot worse because as the old familiar saying goes.

” There’s always someone out there who has it worse than you. “

The Finery:

Mesh Head: LeLutka – Karin by Jadenart

Hair: AD – one trick pony by Queue Marlowe

Dress: Meli Imako Strapped Cross back maxi dress by Meli Imako

Body: Maitreya Lara by Onyx LeShelle

Eyes: {D.A} – Marble by Soleil Reid

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