We Need To Walk

We Need To Walk

Even though the weather day was mostly cloudy. I really wanted to go for a walk that’s something I am missing more and more. I did manage to walk out my front door and wave to my neighbour who was getting to car, she asked how I was because I had been poorly lately and we chatted for a little bit until she had to go work.

I’m laying here in bed and I am occasionally nodding off watching random youtubes and blogging. In fact, if I fall asleep now then you’ll never see this blog until I wake up again lmao. So let’s just stay awake and finish this daily ramble so you can have fun reading it unless you’re using this as a sleeping pill, in which case if I find out you are I will be very displeased.

I’ve decided, I don’t care how tired I am…..come tomorrow I am going outside and headed for the park. This summer isn’t going to last forever I wish it did but unfortunately in the real world that doesn’t happen. That is something I love about SecondLife you not only play a character, but you get to choose your location and your favorite season awesome huh?

I am getting so so sleepy somebody slap me, please! I need to stay awake I am almost there almost finished in fact I see the finishing line it’s right up ahead lol. I am almost done with another blog you know this hard work for me I am not a blogger…..so not a blogger but I love to share my thoughts my feeling my weird poetry, and I just know you all love reading it. Ok, so sleep has finally won me over I am going to take my annual afternoon nap and sleep the day away, and you my darling friends can take one with me too if you like. I have to warn you though my bed can only hold two cats and two humans no more than that, so before you get any funny ideas about jumping into bed next to me take my advice sleep on the bloody floor instead and don’t wake me!

The Finery:

Mesh Head: LeLutka – Karin by Jadenart

Skin: Lara Hurley – Iza by Lara Hurley

Hair: AD – one trick pony by Queue Marlowe

Jewelry: Bens Beauty – Emilia Jewelry Set by Snow Martiel

Hands: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle

Body: Maitreya Lara by Onyx LeShelle

Outfit: [hh] Victoria Tunic Outfit by Hilly Haalan

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – by Ikon Innovia

Location: London England Hyde Park

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