Life In Lavender

Life In Lavender

So it seems I haven’t blogged in what is it now five days?….it’s not from lack of inspiration I can assure you. I have been rather poorly in my real life, yep being sick is a bitch. I decided I needed to dress in something other than boring old black so today I wear black practically all day every day in real life. so today it’s going to be pretty lavender with some flowers on top which I managed to scrounge from this round of uber. If you haven’t been to uber yet I suggest you get there and check out the dresses and all the other stuff (frankly too many items to list here).

I know it’s unusual to say this when you’re writing a blog but, can you excuse me for a moment I need to take a bathroom break, and I need a drink… just wait here, and I will be right back 😛

Ok I am back now, so where was I oh yes I was about to tell you about last night so apparently I ended up falling asleep not once or twice, but three times surrounded by a large group of people. The only thing that woke me was the sound of an incoming message. It was really rather embarrassing I shan’t be doing that again anytime soon, no from now on I think I will make sure the moment I start to doze I shall excuse myself and quietly log out.

Oh, bollocks forgot what I was going to say again. It comes and goes you know this old memory. happens a lot these days you know. When one reaches a certain age the memory just seems to bugger off right when you need it most. It’s ok I don’t need it that often a friend suggested post it notes I took her advice and never leave home without them. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of the damn things oh well sod it I’ll just use toilet paper if I get desperate.

Right so this blog is rather strange reading back lol… yeah think I’ll end it now am sure you’re already saying to yourself god this woman can bloody talk about nothing. Ha, yes I can don’t you know by now I use these blogs very cleverly as a means to torture you with my little pretties. Enjoy reading this tripe and I will go enjoy the rest of my tea and biscuits in bed followed by a lovely long afternoon nap….ahhh isn’t life wonderful!

The Finery:

Body: Maitreya Lara – by Onyx LeShelle

Hair: AD – one trick pony – by Queue Marlowe

Skin: Lara Hurley – Alena by Lara Hurley

Headpiece: Glam Affair – Romantic Flowers @ Uber

Dress: Glam Affair – Sophie Dress Purple @ Uber

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – by Ikon Innovia

Location: SaNaRae Heaven Ocean

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