Midnight Lady

Midnight Lady

Midnight lady the restless soul who walks the night alone,

Wandering beyond her undisturbed grave she searches for the place she used to call home.

Wiping a single tear from her eye her grief-stricken heart has come to mourn

The loss of those who have long since gone,

Her tormented soul lost in direction wandering aimlessly as time will slowly pass.

She knows while other were lost souls who’ve found their home she is but the last

She knows while others were lost souls who eventually found their home she is but the last,

Nobody knows where she comes from nobody knows her name.

Many people have seen her ghostly shadow brushing against their window pain,

As the sun starts to rise and its golden glow plays upon her breast.

The midnight lady will slowly fade into thin air,

And perhaps she will return again on a cold and windy night looking for a place to rest.

The Finery:

Hair: AD – one trick pony – by Queue Marlowe

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – by Ikon Innovia

Outfit: 2Chez Staci Jumpsuit – by Gisele Grizot

Skin: Lara Hurley – Alena by Lara Hurley

Body: Maitreya Lara – by Onyx LeShelle

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