That Tropical Paradise

tropical paradise 11We all have that one place where we can go to ease our minds from the worries of the day. Mine is fruits tropical island it’s the sort of place you wish every place could be, and there are plenty of places to sit. The ambience of the sim really helped to assuage my present state of mind. As I sit here writing down my thoughts and feelings. I wish that my friends in second life could share in my experience of this peaceful paradise but, unfortunately, there is always that troublesome time difference.

tropical paradise 22

It’s times like these when everyone in every other country I know is sleeping. I get very lonely it’s like when you go to a party, and everyone you know and love is there and you just sit quietly in one corner of the room with a small group of friends chattering away about what so and so is going to be doing over the weekend. It’s nice but all great parties have to come to an end, and we have to return to our real-life. I know that I cannot sit here on this beautiful patch much longer though this paradise is far too beautiful to leave all alone. I’m afraid I must return to this chaotic real life and face the days challenges that lay ahead…

The Finery:

Dress: KRALUS Summer Hawaiian : White : by Kralus

Hair: little bones. Pearl by Nova Monroe

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia

Location: Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest

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