That Nostalgic Feeling

nostalgic22That nostalgic feeling that everybody occasionally gets buried under a sea of old and faded photographs with passing memories and some regrets. Those simpler times are all but spirited away far gone beneath the hustle and bustle of the fast paced times of today. She the arcane girl remembers those times with a fondness and sentimentality as she walks through a different world. Looking back she cannot forget the lonely life she had lived full of regrets, and friends now past though she never seems to age she is timeless, and elegance she has in abundance.


Mounting her horse she rides fiercely away she cannot stay much longer today. The sun is fading the moon will soon kiss the sky and the beautiful arcane girl must return to the place where she once used to ride. Long ago, she had become a ghost of the past and just like her friends before her she has faded away with the passing of time. All that remains are old and faded photographs memories and some regrets of the little arcane girl who once existed, and died a long time ago. She is timeless and her elegance she has in abundance she knows riding alone in heaven that nostalgic feeling will never die it will forever continue to prosper and grow.

The Finery:

Hair: !lamb. Thieves Like Us – Ink by Lamb Bellic

Sandals: Essenz – Tenerife (White) by Senzati0n Domenitzo

Dress: Fission: Wide Open Spaces-Peach by Lavea Alter

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia

Location: Less Than Three ❤

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