That Sunshine

That Sunshine1

Lately, I have been swamped between my work in second life and having enough time to spend with my friends. Today everything came to a head and I broke down. I did the most god awful thing that one could do in a situation like this. I simply put on my headphones turned up the music and shut the world out. So here I am pouring my heart out in a blog like some tragic downtrodden street preacher that almost nobody ever listens to. The truth is I like to write even if it means occasionally saying too much at the risk of embarrassing myself. I swear once I get typing it is hard to slam on the brakes and make myself stop, so please accept my apologies even if by reading this drivel your eyes start to bleed lol heaven forbid. I feel a whole lot better now I have my music and my hammock and a beautiful bright sunny day what more could a girl want in life. This is my me time and I cherish it for as long as it will last. I wish that it could last forever the way I am feeling so relaxed so at peace with myself this is nice this truly is paradise. Alas, it’s not going to last forever the sun will soon go to bed the music will stop, and as I remove my headphones and return to the land of living and to my beautiful friends. I will think deep down inside my peace isn’t over it’s just sleeping I can do this again tomorrow. I leave you now with a little invitation if life is getting you down today come and join me on this nice comfy hammock there is room for everyone.

The Finery:

Hair: *ARGRACE* AZAMI – Black by rika Oyen

Bikini: *MC* Eclipse Bikini Set #Black/Pink by Freya Olivieri

Nose Stud: {MYNX} Diamond Nose Stud – (Silver) by Chantel Mynx

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia

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